Use ADP151 in a wired or configuration

We are using ADP151 in a dual supply environment. We have one 2.8-3.6V battery
supply which is limited to 2.8V by an ADP151 and a 3.3V supply.
We want to connect the 3.3V supply to the ADP151s output through a diode. The
output voltage will be about 3.1V when powered through the 3.3V supply. When
the 3.3V supply is not present the ADP will supply 2.8V from the battery.

question: what will happen when the battery is completely drained and the external 3.3V is
supplied? Will this lead to a current flow from the ADP151 output to its input?
Or would there be any other reason why this would lead to damaging the ADP151?

I would usually add an extra diode at the output of the ADP151, but that would cost me too much of a voltage drop.

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