LTC3251-1.2 Connection Doubt


I am carrying out an own design that embeds the LTC3251-1.2 device.

As I can see in the datasheet, both MD0 and MD1 are able to configure the operation mode of the device, in the attached figure named "LTC3251-1.2_connection" you can see  the typical application getting from your datasheet. But you not show the MD1 and MD0 Voltage leven in any moment.

If I keep seeing the datasheet, there is a Table which shows the typical operation ratings for the device. In the attached figure named "LTC3251-1.2_pins Ratings" you can see the ratings values for both MD0 and MD1.  And you can see how the maximu voltage value is 1.2V. For this reason I have a question:

- I can not understand how I have to supplied 1.2 V in these pins when I am using this part to get this voltage level. So, it is possible to supplied the MD1 and MD0directly with Vin(5V) voltage? or have i to decrease the voltage by a resistor divider?. because i guess that i can not connect the pin Vout directly with MD0 or MD1, I mean, I can not design a feedback connection between them.

By the way, ther is a reference design in you web about the LTC3251 device (also attached as LTC3251). And as you can see MD0 and MD1 pins can be supplied directly by Vin.

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