ADP5061/62 battery isolation FET


(1) battery isolation

Vin = 0V (VBus not connected)

Vbat > Vweak (system is running from battery)

is it possible to isolate the battery from the system load by setting the EN_CHG & DIS_LDO bit via I2C --> total system shut down leading to minimum battery load (5µA right?)? Am I right that DIS_LDO will be reset after Vbus has been connected automatically and so the system would be powered in LDO mode in case Vbus is connected? We are planning to have a fixed soldered internal Lipo cell ... for that we would need the battery isolation/total system shut down (even if VBat>>Vweak) for maximum battery life time (during stock, ...)

(2) SYS_EN

what means 'active' in your datasheet:

- FET==active --> pin pulled low


- active means FET is open and pin is pulled high

is there a SYS_EN mode where SYS_EN is 'active' when Vin>Vin_ok OR Vbat>Vweak (usb connected or good battery) and deactivated if Vin<Vin_ok AND Vbat<Vweak (no usb and low battery) --> if yes (which mode?) I could use SYS_EN to en/disable a buck converter generating the system working voltage (2.7V)?

I have already ordered the eval board but you could help a lot in advance



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  • To be clear, you cannot manually turn of the ISOFET. You can set the SYS_EN_SET configuration as shown above and use that to disable the load, but that does not force the ISOFET off.

    I'm not sure which bits are being referred to above. Bit 7 of register 0x07 is "not used" so there must be some mistake.