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LTM8005 - require some user guidance

Hi ADI experts,

There are a few aspects about LTM8005 that are confusing me.

1. In the LTspice simulation circuit, if I connect SYNC to a 3.5V voltage source as required by datasheet, the part will not regulate. It works well if this pin is floated. What did I do wrong?

2. If spread spectrum switching is prefered, is it OK to drive this pin with a voltage divider formed by two resistors?

3. Datasheet mentions the part is not designed to "load share". What is load share?

4. The recommended switching frequency is 750KHz for 2.5V output. If output ripple is primary concer, can I increase switching frequency to 1.8MHz which is recommended maximum. Is this maximum value limited by switching loss? If load current is about 2A, can I increase fSW further?

Looking forward to your reply!