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ADP2302 output noise issue


I am powering FPGA board with ADP2302 , 1V , 1.8V and 3.3V are the supplies derived using ADP2302.


I am feeding 15V as a input to ADP2302. The output has a lot of noise and unwanted spurs.


Please see attached circuits for all 3 voltages and Frequency domain measurements also.


Please let me know why the output has so many spurs.


The FPGA load for 1V is 150mA, 1.8V is 100mA and 3.3V is 200mA.


The inductor part numbers used are


2.2uh  VLF10040T-2R2N7R1


4.7uh  NRS6020T4R7NMGJ


6.8uh  NRS6020T6R8NMGJ




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