can i replace ltc2950 with ltc2954

i have used ltc2950 but i have found that it gives only 1024ms after push button is pressed for microprocessor housekeeping ,

Can i just replace ltc2950 with ltc2954 in my pcb .as i don't want any limit of time during shutdown.

can LTC2954 wait for 5min for kill signal even if pdt timer capacitor is placed for 10sec.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Oct 22, 2020 1:38 AM

    Looking at the turn off sections of the datasheets, the LTC2954 isn’t limited like the LTC2950, where the KILL pin still being high after 1024msec triggers the part to release EN low.

    I verified with a simulation of the LTC2954, and checked if it would hold EN high for 5 min and wait for a KILL low signal before turning EN low.

    It behaved as expected, so it should work for your application. However, mind the pinout differences:

    • DDB package, pin 7
      • PDT on the LTC2954
      • OFFT on the LTC2950
    • TS8 package, pin 6
      • PDT on the LTC2954
      • OFFT on the LTC2950