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ADM696 behavior at opened VBATT pin


Regarding to VBATT pin in ADM696ARZ, my customer is asking a question.

Basically they will use VBATT pin for back-up battery but there will be in case of not used for back-up battery.


According to datasheet 10 page (Replacing the Back-Up Battery),

"When changing the back-up battery with system power on, spurious resets can occur when the battery is removed.

If the voltage on VBATT reaches within 50 mV of VCC, a reset pulse is generated."

When the back-up battery will not be connected to VBATT(=open),

how will AD696 do to behavior during system power on?

・In same above reason, will the reset be occurred? (Vout=Vcc)

・In this case, is there any impact in ADM696? (Only reset occurs?)



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