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ADIsimPower ADP238x parameters

I am using the ADIsimPower ADP238x tool for an ADP2381 buck design.  The "Thermal Performance" block on the spreadsheet shows the package thermal resistance is ~183C/W, but the device data sheet shows this is really 39.48C/W.  The higher number is used to calculate temp rise at the regulator, which (I believe) is now incorrect.

Can the parameter on the tool be corrected?  Have I missed something fundamental?


  • Hello,

    Thanks for finding the error. The tool is using the correct Tja for the part so the IC temperature predicted is correct.  However the Tja shown is not correct.  The tool will be updated very soon to reflect the changes.  On a related note, the IC loss in the loss table is also currently shown incorrectly since it does not include switching loss and RDSon loss.  The total loss is correct though.



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