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Can we use the LT3045-1 in place of the LT3045 without layout change?


In the MSOP12 package, the only difference between the LT3045 and the LT3045-1 is the VIOC pin.

If we have a PCB made for the LT3045 with IN layouted to pins 1, 2 and 3, but we now use mostly the LT3045-1 (on other PCBs), can we just use the LT3045-1 on the older PCBs?

The VIOC pin can sink 15µA, so 15µA current would be wasted, but that would be OK.

In some application circuits in the datasheet, a resistor (R3) is used to pull VIOC at least to some extent towards IN in order to limit the pre-regulator's output voltage.

On the other side, the absolute maximum ratings section states -0.3 to 4V for the VIOC pin, but the 4V are also stated in the typical operation conditions and might just be the voltage that can be supplied by the VIOC pin.

So, what happens if VIOC is connected directly to IN?

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