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I have a load working on SMPS with 24V,30A.i want to switch the load on 24v Battery after smps power cut.Can i use LTC4412 for this application? is micro controller require to control switching from smps to battery?  

  • Hi Payal,
    To know if the LTC4412 will work for your application, the load current and RDS(ON) of your p-channel FET must be considered. What are they?

    The LTC4412 can switch between power sources automatically (tie CTL pin to ground) or using a microcontroller (microcontroller output connected to CTL pin).
    For automatic switching, the part defaults to enabling primary power and switches to auxiliary power when the voltage at SENSE pin > Vin+20mV.
    For microcontroller switching, a logical low at CTL turns primary power on, while a logical high turns auxiliary power on.