LTM8046 Continuous working voltage


We are looking to use the LTM8046 to provide an isolation barrier with a 500V DC working voltage. We are happy that there is sufficient clearance and creepage at the device pins. The datasheet says the device is hi-pot tested at 3kV for 1 second but doesn’t state a continuous working voltage.

Is the isolation barrier inside the device suitable for long term exposure to voltages at up to 500V DC?  

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    Based on the internal gap distances of the module and referencing Table 2N of the UL 60950-1 spec, the LTM8046 is not recommended for operation above a 400Vdc working voltage (last paragraph on pg. 11 of the datasheet).


    Here are the expected failure rates for a 500Vdc working voltage if the customer chooses to violate the recommendations in the datasheet.

    0.1% failure rate – 2.78hrs @ 500Vdc

    1% failure rate – 27.78hrs @ 500Vdc

    10% failure rate – 138.9hrs @ 500Vdc

     What are the application, and eau?