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Question about using LTM4677 EVM (DC2481B-A)


My customer is testing the performance of LTM4677 thru DC2481B-A (ADI EVM).

Their test condition is like below and they added R7 (0ohm) between Vin and Inrvcc as the guide in schematic because of  applying 5V at Vin .

 Test Condition : Vin 5V  / Vout 1V

The guide in schematic: WHEN VIN < 5.75V, SHORT INTVCC TO VIN WITH R7=0 0hm

But they can't get any output voltage at Vout  when they applied 5V at Vin.

And then  after removing R7  and changing Vin to 5.6V, they can get normal output voltage (1V).

Is there any fault to use DC2481B-A EVM?

How to get 1V at Vout  when they applied 5V at Vin?



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