LT3045 - ISET Noise Spectral Density and Clamps to OUTS

A customer asks:

  1. Is there a graph available for the NOISE SPECTRAL DENSITY for the internal 100 uA current source ?
  2. Is there a possibility of sharing the internal structure of the SET to OUTS  Protection Clamp ?

These seem like common questions, so I will answer myself in a REPLY post.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Sep 9, 2020 5:04 PM

    There is no Noise Spectral Density graph available for the LT3045 100uA current source alone.  The Noise Spectral Density versus CSET graph that I show in the image below from the LT3045 datasheet IS TOTAL OUTPUT VOLTAGE NOISE, BUT indicates the contribution to noise spectral density of the 100uA current source alone as CSET is reduced.

    LT3045 DS Noise Spectral Density_2.png

    The structure of the internal clamps from OUTS to SET are essentially as shown in the image below where I sketched the clamp structures onto the LT3045 datasheet page one Typical Applictation:

    LT3045 DS page 1 app_3.png