ADM1186-1ARQZ: Review Request

Part Number: ADM1186-1ARQZ

Hi Team,

ADM1186-1ARQZ is used in our design to power sequence multiple power ICs in cascade mode with the following parameters:

Sequence UP driven by 5V (same as VCC)
Sequence Down driven by 12V line given to DOWN of sequencer 2 (Ref. Des U35).
Blanking Delay = 4.7ms
DLY_OUT_EN = 3ms
VCC initiating sequence UP with Cdelay = 0.5ms
LEDs for Complete sequence doine indication and fault indication.

Note: Currently in POC stage will move to volume once proved.

Kindly review the schematics and layout attached, and provide your valuable comments ASAP.



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    on Sep 17, 2020 4:42 AM

    Hi Sultan,

    Sorry for the late response.

    For device U34 there might be a potential issue with controlling the UP pin using the same supply as Vcc. Minimum Vcc for the part is 2.7V and based on the resistor divider the voltage at UP pin will be 1.21V, which is close to the input threshold of the UP pin. Since the power up sequence is based on rising edge transition on the UP pin and not a level based trigger, the device might miss the transition and not sequence up. 

    Is it possible in your system to power the ADM1186 using a rail that comes up before driving the UP pin from low to high?

  • Hi Hopal,

    Thank you for your response.
    We do have an alternate power rail which will power up 2ms after VCC to ADM1186, we will use that for UP sequencing.

    Thank you,

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