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Battery charging and backup

Kindly suggest me a part similar to LTC4091 which can act as backup switch and charging LI-Ion 7.4v Battery

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  •    This is my block diagram with ltc4002. The charging current is set 250ma. On "No load", the ltc charges the battery and there is no heat dissipation. On load , the ltc4002 heat increases drastically. im confused about its behaviuor. Could you help me resolve this

  • Hi Mano,

    LTC4002 is a switch-mode battery charger. Heating up at no load can mean many things. It would have helped if you started with a working demo board like what we have available and modify parts from there.  PCB layout can be a source of error too. Isolate first the LTC4002 and make it work at different load conditions.