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About SMPS ADI : ADP5301


  • I would like to use ADP5301ACBZ-2-R7, Option 0 without output discharge. But I would like to use a 1.1v or 1.0v output. This output value is only available in Option 1.

    Is it still possible to make a resistor divider outside the VID pad in order to have the correct output value (1.1v or 1.0v) ? In this case what will be the value of the external resistors ?

  • With Option 0 without output discharge, the soft startup time is 350us. If I want to lower this value, does it help to keep the external capacitor precharged ? In ideal case where the output capacitor is already precharged at the requested output voltage, what is the startup time ?

Any help would be appreciated  


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