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Hi all

i want to use the LTM4626 buck regulator in my design. the device drives several LDOs and one of the mode of operation is to disable most of the LDOs and keep one LDO running. so in full power the load shall be around 5[A] and in low power mode (only on LDO running) the load shall be around 0.2[A]. 

also, in the low power mode i must take extra care for power loss. so i would like to keep the regulator with maximum efficiency as possible even in lite loads.

my question is: is it possible to switch from DCM to CCM and in reverse while the device is running without shutting him down?

ive seen that the MODE/CLKIN port must tied to GND when in DCM, so i would like to drive the port with 2:1 mux to toggle from DCM to CCM.

also, i have an eval board for the LTM4626 and would like to do an experiment on the issue, affraid to make demage... 

thanks and hope for a quick reply.