ADP5014 sequence mode


I am using the ADP5014 in a design and am running into a problem. My intention is to enable the sequence mode of the device by connecting CFG2 to GND with a 68.1k 1% resistor. According to table 7 in the datasheet this should enable sequence mode with a 8x timer. Forced PWM mode should be the selected mode of operation and the GPIO pin is used as an UVO. For a reason unclear to me only CH1 and CH2 start at power-up. CH3 and 4 are at 0V. I get the impression sequence mode is not active. I use CH1 and CH2 in parallel mode (CFG1 pin 21.5k 1% to GND). The order of the channels I set using 0 Ohm at DL12 and 26.1k at DL34. I see the same behavior on the evaluation board when using this config. I tried to attach my schematic but the resolution of the preview is very low, hope you can see the actual image correctly.

Hopefully somebody can tell me what I am doing wrong here.