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extreme high input voltage needed voor ADP2301 3.3V circuit


I have made a design with the ADV7611 HDMI receiver. I used the exactly the same power supply circuits as described in the ADV7611MINI-HDMI2VGA-SCH-RevA.pdf The supply original circuit is powered from a USB input source, so it should be able to work on 5V. However in my circuit I have to apply 5.3V at least to get the 3.3V circuit regulating on 3.3V. (At 5V it comes up only to 3.1V)

But when 5.3V is supplied, I can apply some serious load at the 3.3V it keeps stable.

The 1.8V supply works fine by the way.

only difference is that I used a  SRN6028-4R7M where the original schematic uses a SD53-4R7-R. Could this be the problem? Or is there something else I should check out?

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