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LTM8064 source/sink current capability

There are two questions here.
(1) LTM8064 is a 58Vin, 6A CV CC Step down uModule Regulator.
and LTM8064 can source current up to 6A @ Vout=24V,
source current up to 4A @ Vout=36V from the datasheet.
BUT no immediate data between 24Vout ~ 36Vout

I am wondering if it could output , for example, 33V @ 5A or 6A?
if it can't, what would happen or which components limit the capability?
or just infer it from the thermal resistance model?

(2) the datasheet shows that master-slave application can output higher current.

But from the diagram, slave's MODE pin is grounded, so slave can only source current

while the master's MODE is float(which means that it can SINK/SOURCE).

Is it correct that sometimes the master is sinking while the slave is still sourcing?

  • For question (1): LTM8064 is a 6A regulator. The maximum output current in an application will be determined by the specific thermal conditions of the aplication. It's also related to the Vin, Vout, switching frequency, etc.

    For qstion (2): The LTM8064 master-slave parallel circuit has very good current sharing between the two units. At heavy load, the master will not sink current while the slave is sourcing current.