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LTC4380: Acceptable values for R2, R3, C2 (BOM reduction)

In the datasheet is clearly noted that R2, R3, and C2 should always be applied. In my design i have no other 10R, 33R and 47nF components, so basically these add 3 components to my BOM that is already to long the way it is. I would like to replace the suggested values by parts that are already used in the design. The closest values available are 120R and 100nF. 

My understanding of electronics is somewhat limited. I understand C2 controls how fast the FET starts to conduct current (inrush limiting). I do not care about that, so i'm guessing 100nF should be fine here right? 

So what does this mean for R2? As far as I understand it only charges C2 and does this with a constant current or 20nA. If so, wil 120R or 60R  work( 2x 120R parallel). I'm guessing startup time will be approx 6 times slower than standard when using a 120R resistor and a 100nF cap, or will i run into other issues? 

I do not fully understand the exact purpose of R3, but only 10R is suggested throughout the datasheet. Will 120R be a acceptable replacement? If not maybe 60R?

Maybe a compromise is to use 100nF for C2, 10R for R3, and 20R (2x10 in series) for R2. This will only cost me 1 additional part instead of 3.

Thanks in advance for your input!