Simulating LTC3108 in LTspice

My name is João Cláudio and I'm a student of Electrical Engineering. I'm trying to simulate the LTC3108 with a programmed Vout of 5V. But, if I do that, Cstore never starts to charge. When Vout reaches 4,98V it gets stuck in this voltage and Vaux jumps to 5,25V. If I use the same circuit, but with a programmed Vout of 3,3V, this problem won't happen. Vout will reaches 3,3V and Vaux will gradually increase, along with Vstore. In LTC3109, this problem won't happen even if the programmed Vout is 5V. I think there should be no problem at all. Someone know why this happens?

I'm using this circuit:
The values of caps I'm using are (this values won't be a problem if Vout is programmed to 3,3V):