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8MSOP infomation

I have the following parts which is ADP3335 IC REG LDO 3.3V 0.5A 8MSOP. In the Spec it doesn't tell what to do the pad under the chip.

It does how ever tell you for the LFCSP Layout Considerations. Can you tell me what I should have done.

  • Hi,

    Only the LFCSP package of ADP3335 has the exposed pad at the bottom side which should be electrically common with the input pins (pin 7 and 8) for better thermal performance.

    The 8MSOP package does NOT have an exposed pad at the bottom side of the chip. You can refer to page 11 (PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD LAYOUT CONSIDERATIONS) of the ADP3335 datasheet on the general guidelines in designing printed circuit boards for surface mount packages.