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(ADR3533)EMC issue.

Hi !

I have some question about ADR3533.

Our customer is planing to use ADR3533 for BMS(Automotive).

They have some issue about ADR3533.

* Immunity test condition

  =>Frequency                        ; 400-1000MHz

      Antenna position               ; In front of DUT

      Antenna direction              ; In front of H

      DUT direction                    ; Z

      Fail frequency                   ; 450~500MHz & 750~800MHz

      Phenomenon                     ; Usually the output is 3.3V.

                                                   But at the Fail frequency , the output voltage drops.

                                                   At the worst case , the output drops 2.6V. 

And they said that when they chose ADR3533 to other competitor device , it won't happen.


Have you ever heard kind of this issue?


If you have heard about this , can you tell us how you solve that?

Or can you give us any advice about this?


Do you have test results for ADR3533 under the condition below?

 (Immunity test)

   *IEC62132-2 TEM CELL

   *IEC62132-4 DPI


If you don't have some results , can you measure the test?


If you can , can you tell us how long would it take?

Best regards.