Designed for Imax @ 750mA based on Datasheet (Figure 23 exact, except D1 is 1N5819 instead of BAT1000)

Rs = 200mOHM

Radj = open


Vin = 5.9V (Voltage Drop across D1 is 0.301V)

Vrs = 15mV

Vadj = 2.975V

Vchg = 0.001V

Disconnected Battery Voltage = 0.688V (4.2V Li Ion battery pack containing 3 batteries)

Output Voltage, Vbat = 0.694 V !! instead of expected 5 V
Charge Current Starts at 2 mA and reduces to 0.12 mA !!

Part FZT549 used as external pass transistor is found to heat up also. 

The circuit is supposed to produce an output of 5V and charge the connected battery. But as i have explained above, it is not. Kindly advise. How do i troubleshoot this ? 

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