Question for your ADP5062 again

Can anyone expert  reply about this?

This sled seems to broken, so I put this again here.






Dear Sir/Madam,


Our customer is studying with your power ADP5062.
So he has brought as following questions. I needs your good comment here thanks.


Your datasheet Interrupt Enable Register Address 0x09 on table-27 shows that defaut setting is all=0 it means disable.
Question does this means that like if we put 0 at "EN_THERM_LIM_INT", then the current of charging is no limitation even if die temp heat more than TLIM(115C) temp correct?

If we dont use SYS_EN, so how should we deal this pin what is open-drain. No Connection is correct? Otherwise connect it to GND?




Does AD5062 have the current limit function for shorting between ISO_Sx pi to GND.

eg; open the internal FET



Thanks Kaos