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LT8620 in LTSPice

Hello,  Is the "Mode" Pin in the LT8620 jig actually the Sync pin?  There isn't a Mode pin in the datasheet.


David Palombo

  • Hi David,

    Thanks for use of LT8620 in your design.

    Yes, the SYNC pin sets the operation mode of LT8620. The SYNC pin has two function. One is to set the mode of the part, and the other is to synchronize the part to an external frequency source.

    Ground the SYNC pin, enabling the low ripple Burst Mode operation, which largely increase the overall efficiency at low output loads. When a DC voltage of 3V or higher or the INTVCC pin is connected to the SYNC pin, the pulse-skipping mode is enabled. Tie it to an external clock source for the synchronization to an external frequency.


    Best regards,