LTC7004 for static application

Hi all,

I was led to this site for the following inquiry about the LTC7004.

We're planning to use the LTC7004 gate driver to switch an N-MOSFET on and off to use it as a switch (basically it needs to stay on or off).
The LTC7004 is powered by 12V, the enable signal driven by 3.3V. The MOSFET switches 48V and should be able to sustain up to 40A. We're not planning on using the undervoltage or overload protection.
I followed the application notes on the datasheet, but I'm not sure if a bootstrap diode is necessary (see schematic image)

Question: Is the bootstrap diode necessary? It's set as a not fitted component in this circuit

Another question: Can the LTC7004 drive to transistors in parallel if we want to reduce the load across transistors (all other things being equal)?