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Is there Spice model for ADP3624?

Looking for spice model for ADP3624 model to do some simulation and testing.

  • Hello swimmer dude!

    I'm sorry we don't offer SPICE models for this product. However, there are enough details in the datasheet for you to get all the parameters of the internal structure. If there is a specific application question please let me now and I can help you with that.

    Lt. Comm. Data.

  • Hello LtCommData,

    I am trying to amplify the current from analog signal from an Arduino board. Using the 0-20mA at 5V signal from the Arduino board, I am trying to get roughly 0-2A output. I think the chip can output that but the simulation will help me determine the exact response as well as if i need MOSFETS or anything else to add to the circuit to get the output i need. 

  • Hello,

    The ADP3654 is not meant for continuous operation at 2A current. It will not be able to sustain a DC current of 2A for long and will get hot. It will still be able to sustain it in my opinion but a more elegant solution is to simply use a V to I converter.

    Feed the 0-20mA into a resistor, say 1 ohm,  to create a voltage, feed that into a V to I using an op amp (any ADI opamp with 5V rating will do). You'll need to put a sense resistor on the low end of your load for this to work.

    Lt. Comm Data

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