ADP1048/ADP1055 Evaluation Board For 2KW Solution

I will have design of 2 kW power with PFC ADP1048 (bridgeless operation) + DC-DC ADP1055 (synchronous rectifier) + MCU. Input voltage 230 VAC (400 VDC after PFC), output voltage 20-60 VDC.

I have a few questions:

- Can I use any USB-SMbus(I2C) adapter instead of ADP-I2C-USB-Z with ADP1048/ADP1055 Software?

- Why you need the diodes D21,34,35 in "PRD 1378 ADP1048 Bridgeless PFC Evaluation Kit" especially such powerful 8EWS08SPBF? It is possible to use instead of a simple comparator circuit U10 in pin IBAL ADP1048, such as for example in the datasheet ADP1048?

- How to calculate the parameters of transformers and coils for ADP1048/ADP1055 especially T1+T2+T3 for ADP1048 in bridgeless operation (Figure 33. Datasheet ADP1048)?

- Is synchronization required at the output SYNK between ADP1048 and ADP1055?

- Which other thermistor can I apply for ADP1048 on pin RTD?


Could you provide materials which I can reference? Thank you provide suggested to me. My e-mail:

  • Hello OlegTre,


    Here are your answers:


    1. For use with the GUI you will have to use the recommended I2C to USB adapter. For production purposes you can use any adapter of your choice.

    2. D21 is used to charge the bulk capacitor voltage before soft start procedure begins. This reduces the startup burden on the power stage.

    3. D34 and D35 are used for EMI purposes.

    4. You can use any scheme of your choice for U10, the eval board user guide just shows one scheme that works well and delivers the performance needed.

    5. There are several design guides on the web and a simple search will yield several results for the coil design.

    6. Synchronization isn't strictly required.

    7. The eval board uses the following NTC: B57891M0104J000

    Lt. Comm. Data.
  • Hi,

    I am currently working on a 2KW(60V) power supply using ADP 1046. It is a amazing power controller. Now I want to work on 5KW (or more ) power supply and also interested on ADP1055, can you send me the hardware details(Schematic, board & setting file) of 7.4kw supply. It will be very helpful for me.

  • Please see more for details such as eval board and user guide and related settings.

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