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ADP3367 Regulator IC Issue-

Dear All,

           This is a Technical question regarding the APD3367 regulator IC. We have incorporated your IC in our circuit & have tested many times. It is running as per the Datasheet. Recently we have encountered one issue & We want your clarification regarding it.


We have one circuit where the IC will convert 15 V input to 3.3 V output & We need 30 mA output current. Initially we were using TRACO POWER TSR 0.5-2433 IC for this purpose. The current consumption was 24 mA with Traco Power IC.

Now We soldered ADP3367 smd IC & the current consumption increased to 66 mA. The IC started to heat up & output of 3.3 V is also not achievable. This happened several times & but every time the same result. Kindly guide us regarding this issue. Why current is increasing everytime when we are replacing Traco IC with your ADP3367 IC. Help & Support is needed.

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