ADP1046A Current Sharing Detail Description


Several of ADP1046A are planned to be used in parallel for increasing of power supply output current. The ADP1046A current sharing feature can be used for the task. But I can't find any detailed information how to configure the ADP1046A to get shared the current from paralleled power supplies.

I would be appreciate it if you could provide any reference materials for that (schematics, configuration profiles, application notes, etc.).



  • Hi Ivan,

    The ADP1046A supports droop current sharing using the load line feature as well as digital/analog current sharing. Depending upon the need one or the other, or both may be used.

    The general guideline is to keep some droop in the system using the load line feature.

    For digital current sharing there are 3 knobs:

    1. Master slave delta - this number is the difference b/w the current sharing value b/w the master and slave

    2. Master drop - this is the number of bits the master is allowed to drop in order to achieve good current sharing

    3. Gain - sets the gain.

    There is no ideal value for these parameters as it depends on system. However, a good starting point is toi keep all of them at mid value and tweak from there. A load line close to 10mohms is also a good idea for high voltages / low currents, you can decrease this value for low voltages / high currents.

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