I am planning on trialling the use of LT4320.

In the data sheet it discusses the use of a 1uF ceramic capacitor and an additional electrolytic capacitor.
From the data sheet:
CLOAD Selection
A 1μF ceramic and a 10μF minimum electrolytic capacitor must be placed across the OUTP and OUTN pins with the 1µF ceramic placed as close to the LT4320 as possible. Downstream power needs and voltage ripple tolerance determine how much additional capacitance between OUTP and OUTN is required. CLOAD in the hundreds to thousands of microfarads is common.

It’s not clear from the data sheet whether an electrolytic capacitor is required on the bridge rectifier board if smoothing capacitors are mounted externally to the bridge board.

If for example my circuit draws 7A DC and I have 100,000uF mounted on an external psu board should I still use an electrolytic capacitor on the bridge board?

If an additional electrolytic cap is still desirable to be mounted on the bridge board, then what would be the optimal size for best performance? 

I was thinking of using this one (see link) if an additional board mounted electrolytic capacitor is required

Hope you can advise.