ADM12914 Threshold Accuracy

I am using ADM12914 supervisor for 3.3V and 1.2V Monitoring. From the datasheet, The threshold accuracy is 0.8% over wide temperature range. I am performing worst case analysis, Will be there any variations in the inputs(VH & VL) and Outputs OV & UV over period of time. Please provide the data if any. Else define the value ha ve to consider as ageing tolerance.

Also as per theory, The OV/UV output will change when the input at VH goes above 0.5V else below 0.5V at VL. But Practically i am seeing that, OV status changing when the input above 0.58V @ VH and UV status changing when the input goes below 0.43 V @ VL pin.

Please clarify on the same. Looking your response asap.



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