ADD5211 power on

Dear Sir/Madam,

I`m using the ADD5211 to drive a LCD backlight, but sometimes (very rare) it doesn´t power on.

After connecting the EN-pin or the UVLO-pin shortly to ground it starts again.

Unfortunately I didn´t connect the Fault-pin, so I can`t monitor any fault state.

I tried to connect EN-pin or UVLO-pin via a 100kOhm resistor to VIN, but without any success.

I can also reproduce it by permanent powering the ADD5211 and switching off/on the EN-pin.

I already ordered the evaluation board and use quite the same values for all components,

but could not reproduce the faulty behavior.

Production date ADD5211: 1319 @ADD5211-Evalboard and 1634 in my design

Any idea?

Many thanks,


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