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ADP7159ACPZ-02-R7 and ADP7159ACPZ-03-R7 input voltage ranges


I want to use ADP7159 for AD6688 power supply. But I have a question about ADP7159-02 and ADP7159-03 input voltage ranges. Datasheet says that "The ADP7159 supports a 2.3 V to 5.5 V input range." But datasheet also provide the "table 10":

Sorry I have a problem with datasheet understanding. English is not my native language. Can I use 2.4V input voltage for ADP7159ACPZ-02-R7 to get 1.9V output voltage? Can I use 3.3V input voltage for ADP7159ACPZ-03-R7 to get 2.5V output voltage?


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