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LDO Voltage Regulator ADP162: use a pull-down external resistor

Hi, I am using the LDO Voltage Regulator ADP162 but I do not find in the datasheet if it is necessary to use a pull-down external resistor in the enable pin. In principle, this enable pin will be controlled by a GPIO pin of the MSP430G2553 MCU. Thank you.

Best regards,
Fran Martin.

  • Hi, Fran.

    It is recommended to put a pull-down resistor in the EN pin. This ensures that the LDO is in shutdown mode and avoids erratic/unpredictable behavior as compared to when left floating. Make sure that the voltage drop cause by the pull-down resistor and the EN leakage (1uA) is less than the EN input logic low voltage threshold (0.4V). In this case, a 10 kohm resistor will do as pull down in the EN pin.