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how to store data from DC890B evaluation board into PC in excel format using Pscope software

We are interested in DC1945A combo board and DC890B evaluation board which consist of LTC2185 ADC IC. DC890B is used to acquire data from the DC1945A and Pscope software is use  to collect and anlyse data from ADC but our aim is to store data into external memory or in PC so how to store data from the DC890B,kindly  advice  or please  send a solution for the same.

Thank you.

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  • Thank you for your kind reply,
    I had referred the data sheet of demo board DC851A_A-X, contains ADC with the speed from 10 MSPS to 105 MSPS (LTC2280-LTC2299). In all the ADC, the input voltage range is 1VP-P to 2VP-P. While in our application, we want to use a demo board after AD8302 whose output voltage is 0 to 1.9 V.
    I am still confused whether it will take the input voltage varying from 0 to 1.9 V or not ??