Will LTC1981 drive two in series MOSFETs?

I am design an smart LiPo power pack for an existing device. I need  to switch on/off a LiPo cell (3.7V) from its charger and power path controller used in the existing device.

For tjat I'm intending to use a LTC1981 in the following configuration.

A bidirectional switch is necessary because the PMIC in the existing device will charge the battery when +5V is present and connect the battery to the power rail when +5V is not present.

The current will be no more than 1 A and the LTC1981 will be controlled by a tiny micro-controller powered by the battery itself.

Do you think that LTC1981 will be able to control the two MOSFETs providing a bidirectional on/off switch?

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    What company do you represent and what's annual quantity of this project?

    The LTC1981 was not designed to drive back-to-back MOSFETs, it is not in datasheet. Generally speaking, though, you can do this, below is LTspice simulation of the discussed circuit. The biggest problem is relatively long turn on/off. Also, we did not tested LTC1981 in this configuration.

    You might look at LTC4412 with configuration on page 11, Figure 4. You can use related DC1635A to test your circuit on the bench.

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