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Problem regarding Mosfet Driver IC LTC7004

Dear Sir /Mam

                         There is one issue regarding LTC Mosfet driver IC 7004. IC is working fine with input from SMPS of about 28 Volts 8 amps , But as soon as we connect Battery input of about 24 Volts , IC gets damged , I am using IC7004 as high side application driver in my application to switch 28 volts from smps or battery output of about 24 Volts. Also I am not violating the pin voltage rating of INP and VCC of the IC both are in safe margin of about 7 Volts and 12 Volts Respectively. Also I had checked the current rating of INP pin when driver IC is on it is about 11 ampere. Reply as early as possible If required I could also share the circuit schematic.

Warm Regards

Sujay Kulkarni

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