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Energy Harvesting by piezo

I'm tryng to develop an energy harvesting circuit. The source is a multi stack system composed by multiple piezo diaphragms. Every stack has a no-load voltage and current of 110V and 70uA.

I am not an expert in the field of energy harvesting or power managment.
I want to ask an advice how to proceed.

Is it possible by help of the forum choose an available commercial solution or do you think I need to contact a design company ?

thank you in advance 

best regards 


  • Hi Giorgio,

    We can certainly point you in the right direction here.

    If you are just looking for a more simple piezoelectric harvester / regulator, I might recommend that you start looking at LTC3588. From there, let me know if you need any additional features; we have other energy harvesting ICs that also feature battery backup / charging and more.

    Note that this part has an internal 20V shunt. This will keep your 110V from damaging the IC, but you will not be able to regulate the piezo voltage above 20V. This may result in operating away from your max power point. Regardless, this still may be the best part for the job.

    Any further questions, let me know.



  • hi

    I want to use LTC3588 to design a piezoelectric energy harvesting circuit and use a supercapacitor or a lithium battery for storage. Do you have any related circuit design for my reference?Thanks.


  • Hi Liu,

    Yes, if you want a battery backup, look at LTC3331. There is a demo board which you can use for reference.



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