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About LTC3588-1

we bought the module of ltc3588-1 to solve the problem of triboelectric generator that is too small currnet to turn on led and charge the  capacitor. we connect our generator in pin PZ1 and PZ2. and next we connect our LED with pin VCC and GND. However, it didn't turn on. Therefore, we measure the voltage of VCC using osiloscope. However, it doesn't show the rectified voltage graph and just show the graph of AC. It doesn't rectify the current of generator at all. And we set the output voltage as 3.3V by soldering. However, it shows the output voltage over 3V. What is the reason of this problem? our generator's output voltage and current is about 300V and 3uA. I want your fast feedback. Thank you

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    It simply sounds like your generator is not powerful enough for your load. Most LEDs take mA of current for a visible output. Your generator may seem like it has a fair power output, but the LTC358801 is a 20V part and will clamp the generator voltage to 20V in order to protect itself. So, the max power you can put in (a very idealized value, since I don't know your generator's power profile) is 20V*3uA = 60uW. Assuming 85% efficiency at a 3.3V output, you might expect 15uA of output current, not nearly enough to power the LED. If the load is too much compared to the input source, the voltage will not be able to reach regulation.

    Perhaps consider putting your generator through a transformer before the IC to step down the voltage in order to better harvest energy from it with a regulation point under 20V. Even then, though, I'm not sure that your generator is powerful enough for the load that you want to power. Perhaps run through some power conversion calculations to determine whether this is feasible. You can assume maybe 85% efficiency from the regulator.



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