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LTC7871 buck-boost converter design problem and high voltage high power DC-DC boost converter design help

Hi. First of all, I am an undergraduate 3rd-year student who takes Electrical Power Engineering and I had given a task from my supervisor to design a DC-DC converter to step up 72V DC to 96V DC with a constant output current of 50A which is so complex and difficult with my current knowledge. Anyway, I tried to research all regulators in Linear Technology and I discovered that only LTC7871 that responds to my search with those parameters but I still confuse about how to modify the schematic diagram of the LTC7871 to satisfy the demand voltage and current output. The regulators also didn't have a simulation Spice model in LTSpice which I always use to design DC-DC converter before. Thus, I really need help on how to use the LTC7871 to produce 96V output voltage and 50A output current which results in around 5000W power output. If there are other alternative regulators that can be used, it will be really helpful in designing the power converter and I hope that I can get perfect resources to study in designing this power converter too.

Best regards,

Zhafran Aiman Zulkarnain