DC DC Converters

I would like to configure LTM8068 for a regulated output of 15 V. I understand that the input voltage span for this configuration is 2.8V to 29V. But as per my requirements I need an input span from 16-36 V DC. Can i extend the max voltage to 36V?

If not, what would be your suggestions to do so.

Else, as per my requirement listed below could you please suggest some reference designs:

Input: 16-36 V DC
Output 1: +15V DC Regulated (ripple 20mV max) @ 50mA

Output 2: -15 V DC  Regulated (ripple 20mV max) @ 50mA

Output 3: +2.5V DC Regulated (ripple 5mV max) @ 10mA
Input and output ground to be isolated (isolation requirement 500Mohm @ 100V DC)

Operating temperature: -40 deg C to 125 deg C (Ambient condition)