LT8210 If the current regulation monitoring is not needed


We envision the design according to the following description in the "Current Monitoring and Regulation" chapter of the data sheet.
If the current regulation monitoring is not needed, connect IMON to VDD and the SNSP2, SNSN2 pins to ground to disable internal circuitry and reduce quiescent current.
We simulated with LTspice.
The LT8210 will not function properly if the IMON and VDD pins are connected.
However, when IMON terminal was connected to 3.3V, the function as the datasheet was confirmed.
Please advise me on a schematic that works correctly in a real machine.

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    on Jul 20, 2020 4:55 PM 14 days ago

    Hi Mochi,

    It looks like there is a bug in the model. Look at the LT8210_OK file. If you hover over the Imon pin, you will see a current probe on the mouse. Click and look at the input current. There is initially 3.0 Amps of current. There is no way the IC will withstand 3.0 Amps into this pin. We will issue issue a ticket with our modeling group to fix this bug. It generally takes a few weeks. There is no notification. Periodically do a sync release and look at the Changelog. You will see the model update here.