ADM1184 glitches


We are using the ADM1184. The circuit is very simple:

We experience glitches (high-low-high glitches) on OUT2.

These do not correspond to glitches on the input VIN2 and also exist when all "loads" on OUT2 are disconnected.
It is coming from the ADM itself.

We see low (0.5Vpp) glitches in the same time on the 3.3V Vcc of the device.

VIN2 climbes to 3.8V and activates the ADM at 1.9V

What can cause that?

An addition to the original post:

We noticed a slow rise of ADM1184 Vcc (3V3_IN) caused these glitches.

Is there a minimum rise-time for ADM1184 Vcc?

thank you


An effect of Vcc rise time on the issue was noticed.
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