lt3086 did not get proper output on load

Hi Team,

I am using the LT3086 power module for the generation of 5V supply from 7V input.

I am using the current limit function in the module so I connected 1K-10nF series circuit parallelly 1K RMON resistor. So as per the calculation, the current is limited to 800mA.

with this module, I am using a digipot  AD5292 to varying the SET resistor to adjust the output according to my application. In the default condition, the AD5292 is in 50K resistor and I am using 42K series resistor.

With no-load condition I am getting  5V output as per calculation. But when I connected the load around 10Ohms voltage is dropped to 3.4V. When I connected the load around 20Ohms I am getting 4.5V.

I don't know what is the issue when I connected the load 

Please review my design and let me know where I am doing wrong.



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