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LTM4622A voltage regulation

I'm having trouble getting the LTM4622A to regulate at the right voltage. It's putting out about 2.9V rather than the expected 5V. It's set up in the following way:

Parallel operation
Input: 10V (going to all VIN pins)
Desired output: 5V (both feedback pins tied together, 4.12K resistor to ground)
Desired switching frequency: 2.2 MHz (287K resistor to ground on FREQ pin)
RUN pins tied together to a resistor divider providing half of the input voltage.
TRACK/SS pins tied together with 0.01uF to ground. 
PGOOD pins tied together and pulled up to 3.3V with 10k resistor 
INTVCC to test point
All VOUT pins tied together with ~260uF output capacitance.
Output resistance of ~7.3K ohms

I have disabled everything downstream of the regulator and have tried floating and pulling down SYNC/MODE. Both burst mode and continuous mode regulate at about the same voltage. Unfortunately, I can't immediately tell what PGOOD is doing because I have it pulled up to 3.3V, which is supplied by the 5V rail. When powered, all other pins measure at the expected voltage except for:
FB: expected=0.6V, measured=0.379V

Additionally, in continuous mode, the switching frequency is about 21.4kHz instead of the expected 2.2MHz.

I'm at a loss for what else to look at here. Any suggestions? Thanks.