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I am using LTM8503 for 5V out and 2A load. i have selected Rfb=60.4K and Rt=40.2K. So i am getting 5v.

I want to increase the voltage to 5.3V and i tried by changing Rt to 55.7K.but it is not tuned to 5.3V.

Please help us to resolve this.


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  • Hi Naidu,

    You have not provided input voltage so I assume it is high enough to make the converter operate well as a buck.  Also make sure about the power capability of your source.

    Other possible reason would be some downstream component either clamping VOUT or current limiting the part. You can try to isolate the LTM8053 from what's connected to it in the output to check this. Again troubleshooting using oscilloscope will help a lot.

  • Hi Fil,

    Thank You

    It got resolved.As we were changing a different resistor instead Rfb on the board.Now we have changed the exact resistor and it is giving correct results.