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I am using LTM8503 for 5V out and 2A load. i have selected Rfb=60.4K and Rt=40.2K. So i am getting 5v.

I want to increase the voltage to 5.3V and i tried by changing Rt to 55.7K.but it is not tuned to 5.3V.

Please help us to resolve this.


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  • Hi Naidu,

    Can you provide what is input voltage? I was thinking that your input voltage may be very close to VOUT. I am assuming that you are seeing issue only when increasing output current to 2A but not at low output current.

    By probing VOUT using oscilloscope, you can also find information about the stability of the power supply. Please check what the waveform looks like.

    Also make sure that your input source has enough power (voltage and current margin).